Image of the Information Center showing a tuxedo, a wedding gown, sample table settings and various other examples of products.

Information Center

The Information Center is a one stop shop for your event planning. In the Center you will find examples of works and products of preferred local vendors. These vendors have worked with the Masonic before, have intimate knowledge of venue and can provide you with the best possible experience.

Vendors and services include but are not limited to DJs, videographers, photographers and florists. You may, of course, use any vendor of your choice.

Image of a girl toddler playing with blocks.

Child Care Area

You want to hold an event at the Masonic and your out of town guests decide to spend an extra couple of days for vacation.  They decide to bring the whole family, but not being from the area they are uncertain what to do with the children during your event. 

The Masonic can provide a room in the building where the child can stay with a care giver that you provide.  Be sure to bring snacks, games or videos for the children to ensure a fun evening for them and for your guests!