The Lodge Room

Image highlighting the balcony with a newly married couple stealing a romantic kiss.

Make Your Entrance a Memory to Last a Lifetime

The music begins, and all eyes turn to the back of the room. Everyone looks up to see you standing on the balcony, radiant in your gown. You turn and glide down the staircase, just like Cinderella at the ball. And this is just the beginning of your dream day!

The Lodge Room was established in 1909 as the meeting place for Erie's Masonic organizations. For those booking one of the banquet rooms, the Lodge room is also available to book for the wedding ceremony.

The Lodge Room is gorgeous, with auditorium-style, floor and balcony seating for up to 300.

Rehearsal is available the night before the ceremony, with on-site attendant and nearby parking. The rehearsal dinner can also beheld at the Masonic in the Fireside Room off the Grand Ballroom.

Decoration may be performed by the family, by your florist, or with the assistance of an event designer, per the terms of the MTA space rental contract.

  • Dressing Rooms are available for the Bridal Party (Men and Women).
  • The Lodge Lobby provides a great spot for guests and the Bridal Party to gather before the ceremony.